SEPT 2019

So as a new academic year starts so to speak it’s nice to see a few new faces up here at Top String (Guitar tuition for all ages based in Rotherham) and a nice range of age as well both boys and girls joining in the fun

.Don’t forget here at top string we see  lessons as your own personal journey and would never force our own musical taste or opinions onto you, we will of course advice you on what we think you need to work  for the type of guitarist you aspire  to become but at the end of the day they’re your lessons.

There’s still slots available for our ukulele lessons, these are great for the younger children who maybe are not quiet ready yet to tackle the guitar or even for someone who wants to play a musical instrument that is relatively easy and doesn’t consume much time but is still rewarding and great fun.

That’s all for now, don’t forget to mention us to anyone you may know who’s thinking of learning the guitar, bass or ukulele, we still do our first lesson free policy and are always looking for new faces to join our ever expanding top string family.

APR 2019

Sorry we’ve not been in touch for a while but we’ve been busy up here at Top String (guitar tuition  for all ages based in Rotherham). We’ve had loads of new faces join us (thought there’s still room for a few more) plus we recently made a trip over to Frankfurt to visit Musikmesse Europe’s largest trade show for all things musical.

Now hopefully the warm weathers going to make an appearance you may think you don’t want to be stuck indoors practising your guitar but what could be nicer than sitting on your back garden practising your latest song/lick/ scale etc with a nice cold beverage of your choice fine tuning your performance for the barbecue season or a day out in the park. Even if you play an electric instrument there’s loads of great cheap small devices available to play your guitar through nowadays, you can even use your phone ! (not like when I was a lad).Of course there’s still your weekly lesson to attend but we do like to have a nice summery vibe up here and hey it’s only for 30-60 minutes and you’ll be learning cool new stuff !!

That’s all for now folks, keep checking the website as we’re going to start adding loads of cool stuff soon, hopefully more video content as we have started working on our own media studio.As always if you are not yet learning to play the guitar (bass or ukulele) or you have a friend who’s fancies giving it a go drop us a line here ,on our Facebook page, google business page or even a good old conversation over the phone….first 30 minutes free !!!.

Top String guitar tuition for all ages based in Rotherham.

JAN 2019
Happy new year everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas !!
Here at Top string we've had a bit of a break but we're now back into it with our guitar lessons for all ages based here in Rotherham, just the dark drizzly nights and short days to contend with now until springtime comes around.
On a musical note though (no pun intended) there's no better time to work on your guitar skills whilst we're waiting for the longer warmer nights to arrive,hopefully your lessons are great fun but your practise sessions between are just as important so you're all set to move forward during your next lesson so make good use of your time whilst your stuck indoors.
I'm sure there's some of you out there who was lucky enough to get their first guitar for Christmas if so why not give us a call and book some lessons, as mentioned above it's a great time to start whilst it's too cold and dark to get out on a night so give your musical journey a kickstart with Top String guitar tuition.
Don't forget we do ukulele too as well as bass guitar and as always your first 30 minute lesson is free.
That's all for now...spread the word, tell your mates about us and lets get Rotherham Rockin' !!

NOV 2018
Winter and the long nights are steadily creeping upon us so it's a great opportunity to spend those long dark nights indoors practising your guitar (after you've had your guitar lesson here in Rotherham at Top String of course).
A fellow guitar tutor from West Yorkshire contacted me recently asking me how my pupil numbers were compared to a few years ago. I had to be honest and say that whilst still keeping busy compared to say 6 years ago not as many people were coming forward to book guitar lessons which apparently was the same for him in West Yorkshire.The same thing can also be said of a couple of local schools I teach at (not just guitar but instruments generally).
So why is this we have to ask ourselves as there is still plenty of young guitarist knocking about ? The financial aspect has to be considered as for a lot of people money is getting tighter.
The other obvious thing that springs to mind ( the same thing that's killing our high street shops) the internet or in our case You Tube !
Yes You Tube is a brilliant tool and there is some brilliant stuff out there but can the tutor on your screen see if your holding your pick! Can the tutor on your screen help you when that E7 barre chord isn't ringing out right ! There's no substitute for human interaction, having a bit of fun with your playing, getting a bit of encouragement when you feel your getting nowhere, even just taking a trip out for your lesson can make you feel like your doing something positive with your instrument.
Human interaction and playing in front of people (even if it's just your tutor) is what it's all about. Later at home you can compliment your lessons with You Tube with the knowledge that what your doing so far is correct.
Happy practising..hope to see some of you up here at Top String in the near future..Paul.

OCT 2018
Happy Halloween everyone, hope all you at school are looking forward to your half term break.
Here in Rotherham guitar lessons are going great, we've got pupils doing RGT@LCM grades,some just getting to grips with their first chords and others getting their fingers round some of their favourite songs form artist such as Ed Sheehan ( defiantly a favourite) Dire Straits,Metallica, and some newer bands who's names escape me at the moment.
With christmas peeking it's head around the corner a lot of pupils (and sneaky parents) are quizzing me on what guitar,amp etc they should go for next...a topic I can talk about all day ! Don't forget we do gift vouchers for guitar/Ukulele lessons for any number of lessons you specify which make great Christmas Presents of presents anytime really so go on why not treat a loved one,they're the prefect gift especially if you know someone who's getting a guitar this year.
Laters for now and keep on rockin those strings !!!

SEPT 2018
So Autumn is upon us and here in Rotherham guitar lessons are going great, we've had quiet a few new faces coming to join us on our musical journeys now that everyone's back at school and into 'learning mode' but of course you don't have to be at school to learn's never too late to give it a go just ask one of our more mature pupils they'll tell you they're loving it and of course now our ukulele lessons are in full swing but there's always room for a few more so to speak.
There's been quiet a few new song lesson request also of late a lot which are totally new to me including songs by The Neighbourhood,Billie Ellish and Khalid.
So till the next time,please spread the word and give us a call if your interested yourself in guitar, electric, acoustic and bass plus ukulele.
Guitar and ukulele lessons in Rotherham for all ages.

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