Our story

Hi, my name is Paul Broughton, I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 years old, Initially I was self taught 

.My guitar playing eventually led me to a professional career playing in various theatres, festivals, hotels etc all around Europe and the Middle East. 

I eventually got interested in the theory side of my guitar playing and decided to learn what all these scales, chords, riffs etc were that I was using which eventually led to me doing my RGT@LCM exams.

It struck me instantly that if I would have had someone explaining and teaching me this stuff when I first started out plus showing me what bad habits to avoid I would have progressed much quicker with a better understanding of what I was doing.

Hence me starting up Top String Tuition. Not only do I teach guitar but I can also pass on over 30 years of real hands on experience regarding performance, preparing for a gig/recording session etc


Top String Guitar Tuition has been in the centre of Rotherham for around 8 years making it one of the most established and long standing  places to learn guitar in town. 

We don’t sell guitars, or add bells and whistles to our lessons… we teach guitar with your own personal goals in mind making it fun  plus giving you any additional advice you may require on buying,setting up you guitars amps pedals daw’s et.We currently  hold a 100% pass rate on RGT exams.


Professional Guitar Tuition Based In Rotherham For All Ages

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